Early expeditions: Spain and the East (1137-1149)

After Damascus: Reconquest and Pilgrimage (1157-1187)

The Third Crusade (1187-1191)

Aftermath of the Third Crusade (1191-1199)

The Fourth Crusade and aftermath (1199-1208)

The Fifth Crusade and the Albigensian Crusade (1211-1245)

Frederick II and the Sixth Crusade; the Albigensian wars (1220-1240)

The Baronsʼ Crusade (1230-1241)

The southern uprising of 1242 and the Seventh Crusade (1242-1256)

The Eighth Crusade (the second crusade of St Louis) (1258-1270)

After St Louis (including the Aragonese Crusade) (1271-1337)

Date unknown


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